We all want to feel good. Really, really, good and oftentimes we sacrifice what makes us feel good about what tastes good. What tastes great impacts us greatly. We can feel happy and upbeat, only to later feel drained energetically and financially.

A tasty, indulgent Frappuccino sounds divine in the short term–but oh trust us, the crash will come. High sugar and caffeine disrupt your energy patterns as well as your sleep, not to mention adds up over time. A daily sweet fix can cost you roughly $30 bucks a week.

Yikes, time to reach for the green tea.

Green Tea is a pretty healthy alternative, even if you enjoy it a little sweetener added here and there. It’s rich in antioxidants and decreases inflammation, which is great for daily consumption, and maybe a bit cheaper ($26 bucks with sweetener)– but we have an even better alternative: B12.


Our B12 Shots supply you with energy for 3 days, whereas Fraps (maybe 3 hours, then boom-crash-ugh). B12 enhances your overall brain function and performance while detoxifying your body, leaving you feeling good, longer.

Looks like we found your best option, and the cost is competitive too.

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