Become a Concierge Member!

Experience unparalleled convenience with Gentera's Concierge Medicine program.

Our exclusive membership is tailored to meet the demands of patients seeking prompt access to a dedicated medical team specializing in precise and customized diagnostics and therapies. Embrace a new era of healthcare with Gentera’s Concierge Medicine, where your well-being takes center stage.

Gold Membership

• Same-day or next-day appointments
• Annual Executive Physical
• Comprehensive Intake Lab Panel
• Unlimited Physician Visits
• Personalized and unhurried office visits
• Direct communication via phone, email, or messaging
• Coordination of specialist referrals and scheduling

• Wellness and preventive care planning
• Access to personalized health and lifestyle resources
• 2 Hyperbaric sessions, 3 Vitamin IV’s
• 1 Morpheus Facial Treatment or TruFlex session per year
• 24/7 Availability of the physician for medical concerns
• 10% percent discount on any Gentera services & products

Platinum Membership

Same as Gold Membership Plus:


Whole body scan. It captures over 200 million data points from head-to-ankle, including major organs, brain, and spine.

Precision Medicine Panel

• CICA Panel
• Cellular Asay
• Methyl Detox
• Telomere
• Food/Chemical Sensitivty Panel – Premium Plus

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