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When visiting the Beverly Hills Precision Medicine Center, patients can receive therapies designed to improve their quality of life. One key service, peptide therapy treatment, holds the promise of reducing inflammation, which makes it easier to manage weight, improve focus, boost libido, ease anxiety, treat insomnia, and speed joint and muscle repair. Precision therapies provide benefits for individuals with existing health concerns as well as those who are looking to maintain overall wellness.

What To Expect From Precision Medicine

Peptide treatment therapy is given as a subcutaneous injection or is taken orally when you visit the Beverly Hills Precision Medicine Center. This method allows the peptides to move directly into the bloodstream without passing through the digestive tract.
Peptide treatment therapy is generally well-tolerated. Peptides are naturally present in many common foods, so people encounter them at some level almost daily. And supplementing your body’s peptides with peptide therapy boosts levels that often naturally decrease during the aging process.

How Does It Help?

The goal of precision therapy is to heal or replace damaged areas within the body, whether the natural result of the aging process or from trauma or disease. Precision treatment may help. Long-lasting health benefits might be obtained through peptide therapy treatment, platelet-rich plasma, hormone therapy, IV therapy, and changes to the diet.

Using precision medicine, rather than more conventional treatment options, offers several benefits. Precision treatments are less painful than some of the more aggressive conventional treatment options. You’ll recover more quickly, and these options have a low risk of side effects. Using precision therapies to treat injuries or chronic pain can eliminate the risk of developing a reliance on pain medication.

If you think precision therapy may be suitable for you or simply have additional questions, give us a call today. We’d be happy to answer your questions or schedule a free consultation.

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