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What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is the field of replacing, engineering or changing the function of human cells, tissues or organs. The goal is to restore or establish normal function. Our therapies work with your body to replenish energy and enhance, revitalize and rejuvenate your bodily processes. We offer advanced aesthetic services for anti-aging and our precision therapies can help with weight loss, anxiety, low energy, depression, low libido, and more.

Reach your Health & Wellness Goals

Helping you reach your health and wellness goals with the highest-quality, most-effective treatments and the best proven anti-aging, inflammation-fighting protocols.

Do you want to have more energy, be in better shape, look better, sleep better, manage pain, have better sex or simply be the best version of you? That’s where we can help.
Feel better, be healthier, have more energy, and maintain vitality and health throughout your life.

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About Gentera Center for Precision Medicine

Gentera Center for Precision Medicine is a regenerative medical center with offices in Coral Gables, Florida, and Los Angeles, California, near Beverly Hills. It’s the only practice providing precision medicine, customizing each plan based on exact patient needs.

At Gentera Center for Precision Medicine, the goal is to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being with treatments that benefit the body and mind. The practice uses innovative lab testing — the TruAge™ and PhysioAge™ test — to provide patients with the exact type of treatment they need. 

To support nutritional health, Gentera Center for Precision Medicine has advanced intravenous (IV) therapy and vitamin B12 injections. It also offers IV nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) therapy to restore energy and health and peptides (short-chain amino acids) for anti-aging, weight loss, and mental wellness. 

To improve hormone balance and boost energy, mood, and libido, Gentera Center for Precision Medicine provides bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a natural and customizable form of hormone therapy. The practice also uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for aesthetics and sexual wellness.

Additionally, Gentera Center for Precision Medicine has hyperbaric oxygen therapy, serving as one of only a few practices in South Florida with this treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may boost oxygen levels in the blood to promote health and healing.

The therapies available at Gentera Center for Precision Medicine work to replenish energy and enhance, revitalize, and rejuvenate how the body functions. 

To feel better, be healthier, and have more energy, call Gentera Center for Precision Medicine or schedule a consultation online today.

Dr. Juan Remos Discusses the Aging Process

Precision medicine, backed by science

Gentera Center for Precision Medicine cares for each of our patients with innovative, cutting-edge precision treatments and the most advanced available anti-aging and health and wellness protocols. We complement these therapies with nutritional and other holistic therapies, as well as a wide range of detoxifying therapies and aesthetic treatments.

All of our treatments are based on medical science, including rigorous research from top academic and clinical institutions. When choosing our protocols, we evaluate the results of clinical trials and seek out research papers and publications in peer-reviewed journals. We give high priority to proven results. We adhere strictly to FDA protocols if a device or treatment is regulated by the government body.

We can provide a pathway to keeping and maintaining health, wellness and the look of vibrant well-being that result from the right therapies applied at the right time.

See how Gentera Med helped Event Planner & Proud Mom, Monica Pardo keep up with her busy lifestyle and kickstart her wellness journey with the help of our customized medical plans.

"I found out that my immune system is actually younger than I am. Now through that, Gentera was able to customize something just for me. I feel great inside and out. My energy level has increased."

Monica P.
"I stumbled upon Gentera in the midst of the pandemic. I have always been a worker - a hard worker at that - but I found myself having to make a tremendous mental effort to mobilize myself, and I wanted things to happen as automatically as they used to years ago. The Gentera team helped by giving my body all the vitamins peptides and peptides it needed to help me stay sharp. Not only did this increase my immunity, but it also helped me with my energy levels. My wife and I are now both loyal customers and consistently recommend Gentera’s treatments to friends and family."

Rafa A.

"After extensive research on Gentera Med and its services, I decided their personalized approach would be the best fit for me. I had heard about their IV Therapy and using it to give your body a boost of nutrients. Although I was skeptical at first, the Healer IV really helped me feel at the top of my game. I boast about Gentera Med and their incredible team all of the time. 100% recommend."

Marilyn F.
"I was looking for a personalized approach for the treatment and cutting-edge care tailored to my individual needs when I decided on Gentera Med. I was looking to treat the fine lines on my forehead and receive a COVID antibody test. They were able to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and headaches using Botox which was administered by an incredible staff. I recommend Gentera to all of my family and friends!"

Sidney S.

"I decided to come to Gentera because after meeting the staff, I was in love. They are incredibly knowledgeable and Dr. Remos truly listened to my concerns. They went above and beyond any test or evaluation I had ever received in a traditional physician setting. At the time, I was experiencing an increase in fatigue, lack of focus, and anxiety. Depression was creeping in and the pharmaceuticals prescribed were making me feel worse! I wanted to stop poisoning myself with unnatural medicine and began to look for alternatives.

Gentera's team of experts prescribed NAD+ and Peptide Therapy that worked like magic. I saw a huge difference! No more crashes, great focus, increased energy, and I slept like a baby. I am GRATEFUL to have learned my body has the key to be balanced. Gentera didn't only help me with internal disarrays of my well-being, it also hosted Botox Parties for me and my friends! That is why I continue to recommend Gentera Med to everyone I know. True 360° patient care."
Marilyn F.
"I wanted to find a concierge-type facility that could look at my overall health and help me create a strategy for living a healthy life. Gentera did the most complete blood work I've ever had in my life and we looked at all of the data. It was the first time that a physician went through the comprehensive report in a way that made sense. I was given Vitamin D, Selak for anxiety, and NAD as a protocol and my energy and focus are now off the charts. Plus, my anxiety is almost nonexistent. I would recommend Gentera to my friends and family."

Jay M.