Proper nutrition and exercise go a long way in achieving a great butt. If you want a butt to match that of a celebrity or social media figures, a butt augmentation may help with achieving your desired results. Two options available to evaluate are butt implants and the Brazilian butt lift.

Butt implants are inserted on top of the muscles which minimizes post-op discomfort. By utilizing this technique, the entire buttocks can be augmented versus simply the upper sections. The incisions are hidden between the buttocks which results in practically no visible scarring once the buttocks have fully healed.

Unlike butt implants which involve inserting a prosthesis into the butt, Brazilian butt lifts involve the transfer of a patient’s fat tissue into the buttocks. This procedure typically involves a shorter recovery period and the buttocks will feel even more natural as the patient’s own fat is being used. Furthermore, because it involves a fat transfer, excess fat can be removed from other areas of the body such as the waist, which may assist with creating a slimmer overall figure.

Both butt procedures have their benefits. Your surgeon will assist you in determining the best butt implant to achieve your desired results.

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