In the distant past, it was easy to notice when a person had some work done to their face. In many cases, a person may have ended up with an unintentional yet unfortunately permanent expression of surprise. Thankfully, cosmetic surgery has come a tremendously long way and today’s facelifts retain a subtle, natural look while still giving a person the youthful appearance they want to achieve.

Today’s women prefer to avoid the super-tight, straight face that people have struggled with in previous generations, and the more recent excessively enhanced pouty style preferred by some celebrities is transitioning to a subtle, rejuvenated look. Fortunately, surgical techniques have developed to enable these changes.

With facelifts, these procedures are not intended to lift the entirety of the face nor are they aimed at getting rid of wrinkles or adding facial volume. Instead, the procedures concentrate on areas like the jowls and upper neck to improve signs of aging, resulting in a natural appearance. Facelifts can also be combined with other cosmetic procedures like brow lifts.

Along with a facelift, using good skincare products and applying sunscreen when outdoors can go a long way in helping the face age gracefully.

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