When the stars show up on the red carpet, they always look so perfect. From their wardrobe to their overall appearance, there is a lot of work that goes into appearing so photogenic. You may wonder, “What is the secret of the stars” How do celebrities like Kim Kardashian, for example, manage to always look flawless and have the right curves?

There is a lot of work that often goes on behind the scenes. In many cases, a team of plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists are helping these people achieve their glamorous looks, along with a proper diet and exercise. Today’s facelifts, for instance, can get rid of loose facial skin and defy the aging process. With minimal recovery time and little to no scarring, this procedure remains quite popular.

Many stars will plan a major procedure like liposuction well in advance of something like an awards show. Today’s simple touch-ups like injections of fillers can be done in just a few hours, illuminating the skin and creating a younger appearance with no bruising using minimally invasive techniques.

With advancements in regenerative medicine and cosmetic surgery, it’s a lot easier to unlock the secret of the stars and create results that will make you feel—and look—like a celebrity.

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