Liposuction remains a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that has evolved considerably. Today, high definition (HD) lipo is making the procedure even more attractive. Also known as Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy of Resonance or simply VASER, HD lipo uses a device that can liquefy fat cells before they’re removed from the body, along with tightening the skin.

Once the fat is fully broken down, a surgeon will remove the fat entirely from the body via suction. This method works on practically any part of the body, including the buttocks, arms, chest, arms or inner thighs. HD lipo will sculpt to a shape that looks natural by removing fat from certain areas and then re-injecting it (should it be necessary) to achieve the best possible body contour. The VASER ultrasound device will send out waves that cause the fat to melt and become loose.

HD lipo differs from standard liposuction. In a standard procedure, a surgeon simply removes excess fat from certain parts of the body and fat is not re-injected. With HD lipo, the fat is also removed, but the removal is done strategically so that the muscles underneath will show through, resulting in greater definition and more body sculpting.

If you’re in good shape and don’t have too much excess fat that needs to be removed, you may be a good candidate for HD lipo. This procedure can assist with creating the “shredded” look many people aim for.

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