A “mommy makeover” is the global phrase referring to a series of plastic surgery techniques, all of which are intended to specifically address common issues experienced by women that have gone through pregnancy or are breastfeeding. Today, mommy makeovers remain a highly popular trend, even among celebrities.

A major plus of the mommy makeover is its flexibility; each procedure can be customized to fit a patient’s unique needs. However, most makeovers tend to begin with a breast and abdomen contouring procedure followed by additional elements as they are required, such as facial rejuvenation or procedures like a breast lift or tummy tuck.

Since the breasts and abdomen are the areas that will experience the greatest changes during motherhood, a mommy makeover is focused largely on the breast and abdomen. During pregnancy and when breastfeeding, the breasts will grow in size, as much as an entire cup size or more. However, once the breasts return to “normal” size, there may be volume loss and possible sagging. During the pregnancy stage, the muscles of the abdomen, the skin, and tissues will stretch as the baby grows. Much like breasts, these layers may not experience the same tautness once the baby is born.

Along with maintaining a healthy weight and diet, a mommy makeover can address these issues and help reshape the body to return it to the shape it was in before pregnancy.

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