Breast implants, regardless of whether they’re made of saline or silicone are foreign to the human body when they are inserted, which requires time to heal as the body adjusts. A thin, soft, and pliable capsule will eventually form around the implant, protecting it from the body seeing it as foreign and also reducing inflammation.

While the majority of breast implants will eventually settle, they may cause the breasts to harden due to what’s called capsular contracture, a type of scar tissue. Although rare, these may occur due to several reasons such as self resorbed small hematoma or the type of implant used, for example. One way to tell that a capsular contracture has occurred—particularly with saline breast implants—is by noticing the loss of volume in the breast.

Thankfully, there are remedies for capsular contracture or breast implant replacement which may include changing the breast implants to modern ones which will have a more natural feel, performing a bloodless breast implant pocket, or removing the breast capsule via a procedure called breast capsulectomy.

Following the procedure, the capsulectomy scars may take several months before they fade. The patient will also be required to wear a special bra throughout the day for about two weeks.

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