Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) makes use of the blood plasma in humans in distinct ways: it helps with injury healing, repairing wounds, boosting hair growth, and may combat infections and diseases. While it is used to help people like athletes, can it help with improving things in the bedroom? A recent article published on WKRC Local 12 talks about an individual who was having intimacy problems.

The article discusses a woman who decided to explore PRP therapy. The results would go on to make a “big difference” when it came to intimacy. The blood of a patient is put in a centrifuge system that separates the platelets from the rest of the blood cells. These platelets return to the body via injections, promoting new tissue growth.

It is injected directly into the genitalia of a patient using a method of PRP therapy called the O-Shot, particularly those that may be suffering from vaginal dryness or pain-causing intercourse. A similarly named treatment is also available for men called the P-Shot.

To read the WKRC article, visit Intimacy is only one of the possible ways PRP can make a difference in your life. Please contact Gentera if you would like to know more about what PRP therapy can do for you.

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