Is something upsetting your stomach? Are you itchy and red all over? Well, you could be allergic– but to what is the question. Food allergies seem to be gaining more and more attention. These days, it seems like everyone is allergic to something, but many of us don’t quite understand the root cause. What we put in our bodies is a clear indication of how healthy we will be, this is why it’s important to have a Micronutrient Test, Food Allergy Test and Comprehensive Gut Health Test.   

When we’re lacking the necessary nutrients, we can often feel tired, depressed, and highly stressed. This where a Micronutrient Test can prove to be very beneficial. With a Micronutrient Test, you can discover what vital nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins your body is missing– and counteract those deficiencies with the appropriate treatment to achieve maximum wellness.  


Many of us suffer from food sensitivity and Food Allergy Testing may be the answer to our food-related stresses. Trying to figure out what causes certain reactions to food can be targeted with a Food Allergy Test. Gentera’s Food Allergy tests assess over 184 foods to narrow down reactivity and food groups to provide a better understanding of what is causing chronic health issues. Our tests also measure two different kinds of sensitivities. You can then make informed diet decisions and develop a meal plan to combat and eliminate food-related reactions.


Gut health matters. As the leading cause of illness in the U.S., matters of the gut can often find themselves overlooked. Gut health is vital to our overall health and can be overlooked or treated symptomatically. A Comprehensive Gut Test can change that by zeroing in on the root cause of GI issues giving you a proper diagnosis and a plan to relieve and prevent your digestive woes.


Get your hands on the three health tests that can improve your health and your life!

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