Even when following a proper diet and exercise, excess fat can sometimes linger in spots where it’s tough to get rid of. The ankles and calves are among these stubborn areas where the accumulation of fat is often a result of circumstances out of a person’s control: their genetic makeup. Thankfully, there are effective solutions to tackle unshakeable fat in the “cankles,” and liposuction is one of them.

In most liposuction procedures, fat removal from the calves and ankles is performed alongside full sculpting of the lower legs to ensure proportion across the entirety of the leg. In some cases, a surgeon may also perform liposuction on the knees and thighs to create a natural-looking appearance across the entire lower body.

The surgeon will make tiny, strategic incisions when performing ankles and calves liposuction. These incisions are done directly below the knee or towards the top of the calf for the most effective liposuction. He or she will then carefully insert a thin tube called a cannula into the ankle and calf fat layer. This process will remove the unwanted fat cells which are sucked and expelled from the body via the cannula. In HD lipo procedures, the fat cells may also be melted.

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