Understand your true cellular age with this DNA age predictor

Birthday candles and a mirror reveal a lot about age, but the real truth hides within your cells. Gentera Center for Precision Medicine, the leader in South Florida restorative health and your home for personalized treatments, can guide you to your cellular age profile. We offer the TruAge test – a cutting-edge DNA age predictor developed by TruDiagnostic.

Why biological age is more important than chronological age

Chronological age is how many birthdays you’ve celebrated. Biological age is how healthy you are at a cellular level – and the lower it is, the better. The TruAge test gives you your Biological age, and a roadmap toward lowering it.

Years of statistical research have revealed the connection between DNA and cell health. Our genes don’t change as we go through life. But many factors can encourage or inhibit how they direct cells to function. These changes profoundly influence how quickly or slowly we age from a biological standpoint.

Your biological age can be affected by:

  • External exposure to environmental toxins
  • Foods you eat
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Exercise habits
  • Stress
  • Sleep quality and quantity
  • Relationships
  • Tobacco use
  • Psychological trauma

The study of how outside factors affect your genes and the way they cause your cells to function is known as epigenetics. Biological age is sometimes referred to as epigenetic age.

Epigenetics is pulling back the curtain on aging at the most basic level. Even more exciting, treatments based on this research point the way to a healthier, longer and more robust life.

Use your TruAge report to lower your DNA age

Your TruAge report doesn’t just reveal your biological age, it also gives you and your Gentera clinicians important information about how to lower that age so you live longer and have a higher quality of life. 

Your TruAge biological age test will help you and your clinician:

More deeply understand your health Craft an individualized plan to maintain or restore your optimum health and wellness Monitor the progress of lifestyle changes, therapies and treatments Research shows that many of the factors that determine your Biological Age or epigenetic age can be changed for the better.

Your TruAge report will guide us in creating your personal health and wellness plan, which may include:

  • Targeted vitamin or nutritional supplements
  • Peptide therapies
  • Hormone balancing
  • Lifestyle change
  • Nutrition plans
  • Cellular therapies
  • BHRT therapy

The science behind the TruAge test as a DNA age predictor

Cells generally chug along, replicating at proper times and leading a regulated existence – all driven by your DNA. But if they mutate, become damaged, or sense danger they can “senesce,” or essentially fall asleep. Alas, this senescent state causes the cells to release cytokines, which encourages bodily inflammation, which is involved in many degenerative and chronic illnesses. 

Cells also suffer when the genes that regulate their behavior lose or suffer shortened telomeres, the “caps” on the ends of DNA strands. They may shrink and even disappear when damaged by the environmental insults of toxins, trauma or unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Methylation is the other key process involved in cell disfunction and aging. When methyl groups latch on to DNA, they inhibit gene expression. This process is particularly associated with immune system aging. 
So how do you know the state of your cells? That is where the TruAge test offered by Gentera comes in. This test is based on research by scientist Steven Horvath, PhD, who is currently a professor in human genetics and biostatistics at University of California, Beverly Hills. His work demonstrated how to measure biological age via epigenetic changes. The TruAge test can reveal what is happening inside your body more deeply and effectively than any X-ray or MRI.

How your TruAge test will work

We will take a blood sample from you and send it to the TruDiagnostic company, which performs the TruAge test. The company will scrutinize your blood sample down to the level of individual points and patterns of DNA methylation locations, focused on those related to aging. 

This analysis will lead to a detailed report that maps your biological age, compared to your chronological age, and gives general recommendations for lifestyle changes that, undertaken in consultation with your doctor, might improve your DNA age profile. This is your Epi-Age ratio, which can be used as a baseline as you go forward in your health and longevity journey. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation as the first step toward regaining control of your life.

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