PRP Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration

Hair is a fleeting luxury for many people. Millions of people -men and women- struggle with hair loss. The reasons for hair loss vary: disease, genetics, stress and hormonal imbalance. Whatever the cause, everyone wants a solution and to enjoy a full head of hair.

For women, hair loss can be absolutely devastating, it can define her whole look, and thinning hair is a serious problem. However, new technology is offering a permanent, effective and organic solution.

What is PRP Hair Restoration?

Leveraging the potential of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), we can now restore hair loss for both men and women by using your own blood. PRP involves the application of concentrated platelets rich in bioactive proteins, which release rejuvenating factors to stimulate cellular renewal and accelerate tissue repair. Platelet-rich plasma is one of the most advanced and effective natural treatments for cellular rejuvenation throughout the body.

Since PRP is extracted from your own blood, it alleviates the risk of allergic reaction, rejection, or skin sensitivity.