O Shot

Many older women experience vaginal dryness, stress incontinence and an inability to enjoy sex. If you're among them, the O shot for women may be the answer you need. Short for “Orgasm shot,” it uses the growth factors in your own blood to restore vaginal health.

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How does the O Shot for women work?

The O Shot uses the clinically proven, breakthrough technology of platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. During a session, your aesthetician withdraws a small amount of your blood and extracts the plasma. This nutrient-rich plasma is then inserted into the vaginal tissue, where it works to nourish and rebuild muscle.

This is the same proven science behind the Vampire Facial, the P Shot, and platelet-rich plasma hair regrowth treatments. After just one O Shot treatment, you will notice a dramatic difference. You can expect to experience less dryness, more resilience, and enhanced orgasms. The treatment also is associated with fewer episodes of incontinence and fewer urinary tract infections. The O Shot for women is painless and takes under an hour.

Who is a good candidate?

Any woman who wants to restore strength and health to her vagina should consider getting this treatment.

If you’re interested in getting this shot, call us today at Gentera Center for Precision Medicine to schedule a free consultation.

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