Sports Injury and IV Therapy

Sports Injury and IV Therapy

IV Therapy has been utilized in the Healthcare World for quite some time to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. More recently IV Nutrition Therapy has quickly grown in popularity! We are finding that providing the body with high and...

IV Therapy has been utilized in the Healthcare World for quite some time to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. More recently IV Nutrition Therapy has quickly grown in popularity! We are finding that providing the body with high and steady doses of specific essential nutrients is drastically improving injury and healing time. Because of this, athletes of various sports have taken to IV Therapy, and are experiencing the unique healing abilities it provides for sports related injury.

IV is short for “Intravenous”, and this method of delivering the nutrients introduces them directly to the bloodstream and therefore directly to the cells. This makes IV Therapy fast-acting, especially for sports injuries! This therapy is also hydrating which is great for athletes and their recovery time, getting them back in the game quicker. Because it is also significantly more effective than consuming water and supplements alone, it’s no surprise that more athletes are utilizing IV Therapy for recovery and athletic performance.

Common Sports Injuries Treated with IV Therapy:

  • Pulled Muscles: These are incredibly painful and can make playing your sport impossible until you’re fully healed. The body needs very specific nutrients in order to heal torn muscles. Some of the nutrients are naturally produced in our bodies, but in the event of a torn muscle our bodies require more for the healing process. Taking supplements by mouth may not absorb properly in the body and get discarded by the digestive system. High doses of Vitamin C delivered intravenously will speed up the process of cell repair. Other key nutrients for optimal muscle repair are arginine, zinc, carnitine, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Broken Bones: Again, a very painful injury that can take a longer time to heal. Breaks cause a lot of physical stress on the body as well, sending all of the healing components into overdrive. Our bodies need all the nutritional help they can get if a bone break occurs. The best thing we can do is provide support to decrease the levels of inflammation, as that alone will wreak havoc on the body as well. Powerful antioxidants delivered in IV Therapy like Vitamin C, and a Glutathione Push will bind to free radicals and flush them out of the body. Calcium in the therapy can speed healing, and IV Therapy can help decrease pain to encourage minimal medication use. While pain relievers do sometimes lessen pain, they actually can deplete the body very quickly of key healing nutrients, so avoidance is ideal.
  • Torn Ligaments: These connective tissues are made up of proteins and sugars. An injury to ligaments can mean improper function of bone and muscle. Coming in hot at the top of the healing nutrients for ligament injury: Vitamin C, and in high doses! Other essentials for healing of these tissues are Zinc and other Multi Trace Elements (MTE). We also need proline and lysine, 2 vital amino acids, to rebuild collagen and heal ligaments and tissue. While IV Therapy cannot take the place of an ACL surgery, getting these nutrients intravenously will work wonders for speeding healing time pre and post surgically and potentially improve the effectiveness of a regenerative treatment for the ACL like PRP or Stem Cell Therapy, a fantastic option before going under the knife.
  • Concussion: This is a very serious injury and one that’s being extensively studied due to it’s direct link to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. CTE is a very serious brain disease that is caused by repeated trauma to the brain, and is found mostly in athletes. Creatine can help prevent serious damage after an injury, and preserve the function of mitochondria. Magnesium is needed for cognitive function and ensuring that our neurotransmitters are allowing neurons to communicate effectively. Glutathione should be an absolute go-to for concussions. It’s the body’s most important antioxidant, and in some studies it’s shown to reduce brain tissue damage up to 70% after injury…but only in intravenous use! And along with the help of high doses of Vitamin C, you can gain more of glutathione’s amazing benefits.

 There’s no doubt that sports injuries can be very painful and traumatic to the body, but you can definitely lessen the damage and speed the healing process with the use of IV Therapy!


The use of intravenous fluids has been used to treat dehydration for a many years. Saline solution containing sodium and chlorine help to replace electrolytes. Lactated ringers or a dextrose solution may also be used to rehydrate the body. When it comes to healing from Sports Injury, IV Therapy’s hydrating magic can be a great catalyst to speed up the process. The combination of proper mineral balance, fluids, and healing vitamins and antioxidants makes IV Therapy a well rounded hydration solution. Proper hydration will decrease the risk of infection, inflammation, pain, and poor circulation to the injury site. For Sport Injuries, we recommend our 500mL IV Therapy bag, providing a comprehensive nutrient blend and extra fluids to treat your injury or dehydration.

Your Outlook can Determine Your Outcome:

Multiple scientific studies have proven that your morale while undergoing treatments and therapies for injury and illness can drastically improve the outcome. Poor morale, like feeling hopeless or stuck for instance, has prolonged healing times where optimal healing was not achieved. So what does this have to do with IV Therapy? By adding it to your recovery regimen, you’re taking a more proactive approach in giving the body what it actually needs to heal instead of just suppressing with medications. For the mental aspect of this, IV Therapy is a huge relief and boost of confidence that you’re doing all of the right things. Most bags are loaded with “feel good” ingredients like Magnesium, for example, which is very relaxing, sometimes euphoric, and can last long after the IV treatment. We’ve seen a lot of success with patients, and have documented them stating things like “I feel like a whole new person”, and “I can really feel my injury recovering faster, thanks to my IV Therapy”. Remaining in good spirits and maintaining confidence can mean all the difference in how effective your overall recovery will be. 

It’s really no mystery as to why so many athletes all over the country are running to get their IV Therapy to recover from sports injury. Many Sports Doctors are highly recommending it just as much as we are! We offer 6 different IV blends that cater to certain needs. Two of those that we recommend most in cases of sports injury are our Athlete’s Revenge which includes amino acids that are great for healingand The Healer which includes higher doses of Vitamin C, zinc, and other key ingredients to encourage overall health and better cell vitality. Of course, our medical team will consult with the patients prior to their therapy to make sure we chose the correct blend, and even personalize bag with other nutrients and dosages for optimal healing based on your individual needs. There’s no good reason why, if you’ve suffered an injury, you shouldn’t reach out to Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine and start your IV Therapy as part of your healing program right away. We are more than happy to help you in your healing journey, every step of the way!