IV Therapy for Hangover Relief

IV Therapy for Hangover Relief

There are events in life in which we just get carried away. When you’re having fun, it can be easy to overindulge. While we don’t condone overindulging, we do understand that it happens and we are here for your recovery when it does!

There are events in life in which we just get carried away. When you’re having fun, it can be easy to overindulge. While we don’t condone overindulging, we do understand that it happens and we are here for your recovery when it does! IV Therapy is one of the best treatments for hangovers. Hangovers can be very unpleasant and even rob you of your motivation and productivity. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you utilize this therapy to help bounce back from a night full of booze.

How Does a Hangover Occur?

Veisalgia, more commonly known as a “hangover”, occurs after a night of excessive alcohol consumption. While science is having a hard time pinpointing exact data as to one cause, it’s believed that hangovers are the side effect of many reactions in the body from alcohol and drinking too much.

  • Dehydration-  This happens for two reasons. The main reason being that alcohol is a diuretic, making you need to urinate more often. The other is because most people don’t remember to drink water while they’re out drinking and having a good time. The combination of these two things means less electrolytes for the body, and could be partially responsible for that pounding headache you wake up with.
  • Depleted Vitamins-Alcohol is widely known for depleting the body of most to all of the B Vitamins. In particular, B1 and B3 which are commonly low in people who drink frequently and indulge often. A deficiency of these can cause irritability, anxiety, neurocognitive decline, and heart disease. Depletion of the other B vitamins can cause depression, chronic stress, inflammation, chronic fatigue, apprehension issues and so much more. That explains mood swings and anxiety the day following a night of binging. Vitamin C levels are also greatly affected, and the depletion of this in more severe cases can cause skin issues and muscle weakness. At the very least, low Vitamin C can also attribute to depression and anxiety.
  • Depleted Minerals- Along with vitamins, essential minerals are suppressed as well. Magnesium, which helps with sleep and relaxation. Iron, which has also been linked to depression. Manganese, which we need for the b-vitamins and vitamin c to work properly in the body, and helps the liver detox. Chromium, which aids in glucose uptake. Zinc, Calcium, and Potassium are affected as well. During a hangover, it’s very important to supplement these vitamins and minerals. You can do so orally, but IV Therapy for Hangover is much more effective in delivering these nutrients right into the cells.
  • Glucose Levels- When it comes to the effects of alcohol and its influence on glucose levels, some practitioners disagree on whether is causes high or low blood sugar. Functional Medicine shows us that it actually causes both. Some alcoholic beverages such as white wine or mixed drinks contain a very high amount of sugar, spiking the blood sugar levels almost instantly. Another point to that is, alcohol is converted to a type of sugar by the body. The combination of those effects keep the blood sugar very high for a longer-than-desired amount of time. Then, when all or most of the alcohol is flushed out of the body through natural detox pathways the blood sugar levels drop leaving very unpleasant symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, malaise, and nausea. And again, with chromium being depleted, the glucose uptake won’t be ideal to balance blood sugar levels. Even in less frequent occurrences of overindulging, unbalanced sugar levels and extreme spikes of high to low have real effects on the pancreas, liver, spleen, and even the kidneys.
  • Hormone Imbalance- We can also thank blood sugar imbalance due to alcohol for this, but hormone imbalance is also common with excessive consumption. If you’re like many, working out and maintaining muscle and body composure is important. Lean mass is negatively affected by a decrease in glycogen synthesis, and cytokines won’t repair your muscle as effectively after a workout. Alcohol may also decrease testosterone and increase estrogen levels, of which can cause inflammation and disease in the body.

Harm of Hangovers if Left Untreated:

Truth be told, there really is no cure for hangovers. Untreated hangovers will last much longer. And honestly, if you’re not replenishing your body of everything the large amounts of alcohol took from it the night before, all of the moving parts of our interdependent systems need to work much harder than they normally would. That can cause a lot of unnecessary strain on the body and if this is a frequent thing, it could really have long-term consequences. IV Therapy, hydration, proper diet, rest, and supplementation are essential to treat a hangover.

IV Therapy for Hangover Relief:

The benefits of IV Therapy are abundant! We use them to treat a wide variety of indications. Many patients do choose to come for their therapy to treat their hangover, and have seen great results. IV Therapy for Hangovers helps by hydrating the body with fluid straight into the bloodstream. This can provide instant relief of symptoms like headache, fatigue, and nausea. It also aids the body in flushing out any remaining traces of alcohol and toxins, which eases the stress on some of our organs. We are also able to deliver nutrients straight into the cells, bypassing the digestive system. For the instance of hangover treatment, this is particularly important, as any supplements taken orally may not be absorbed correctly due to the acidic environment caused by the previous wild night. High doses of crucial nutrients right into the bloodstream can replenish you, improve your symptoms, and help prevent any damage that alcohol may cause.

Here at Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine, We encourage the healthiest lifestyle possible with the understanding that in this life we like to enjoy ourselves and let loose every once in a while. Try to limit yourself and stay hydrated if you’re going to an event that will involve booze. Have fun and relish in the moment, and if you do so happen to overindulge just remember that it’s very important and helpful to replenish, rest, and recharge your body. Drinking is best done in moderation, but on an occasion that you didn’t moderate, come see us and we will help you with one of our custom blends for IV Therapy for Hangover Relief!