A deficiency of nutrients can wreak havoc on the body. Look and feel better and younger with IV Drip Therapy that nourishes the body, delivering complete absorption of necessary nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins that help the body work in optimum shape.


IV Infusions

Price: 250ml $149 /500ml $179


Athletes Revenge »

Elite Performance & Stamina

Increase performance with an elixir able to rebuild connective tissue, increase circulation, boost stamina, and provide body hydration with a fusion of taurine and carnitine amino acids.

Healer »


Combat infections with this tailored solution that provides indispensable vitamins and nutrient replenishment which assists with promoting immune function and speeding up healing.

Beauty Bomb »

Smooth & Radiant Skin

Keep your skin naturally radiant using this age-defying solution of necessary vitamins and minerals. Add the potent antioxidants Glutathione to enhance your natural beauty from within.

Thirsty? »


Provide your body with important electrolytes and fluids to increase optimum hydration.

Zen »


This solution specially focuses on improving mental energy, concentration, and cognitive function so you always have mental clarity while the body and soul are at peace.

Bounce Back »


Stay active and hydrated with essential fluid balance and nutrients you may have lost with a powerful hangover solution that assists with recuperation and providing relief for rapid recovery.



NAD optimizes full body physiologic function so you feel healthier, longer. NAD+ is the perfect complement to your regimen.

*Requires a complimentary consultation prior to service. 


Glutathione »


Glutathione is the supreme antioxidant. It is packed with an essential nutrient that ensures cellular components in your body do not sustain damage. Glutathione is critical in giving the skin youthful appearance and it is supremely effective as a detoxifier that also assists with immune system support.

B12 »


Don’t let the stresses of life negatively affect you. Reload, regenerate, and feel like a new person with the infinite benefits of B12’s pure energy assistance.

Vitamin C »


Upgrade your immune system with this indispensable antioxidant, and receive the protection your body requires to combat infection with a jolt of Vitamin C.



Skinny Shot »

Fat Burn

When you want metabolism boost, the Skinny Shot will assist the process. This shot is packed with L-Carnitine, which works as a fat burner on a cellular level and also assists with lean muscle mass development. With greater muscle mass comes a greater ability to burn fat. Hence, L- Carnitine helps your body burn fat in multiple ways.


Go Shot »


Receive an energy jolt with Go Shot. The many B-Complex vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12 are vital for producing energy. CoQ10 or Ubiquinol is a vital co-factor in producing mitochondria ATP, resulting in an extra pep in the step.


Sexy Shot »


Keep the romantic spark blazing with a stimulating shot. This injection is packed with Arginine, which is a forerunner to NO (nitric oxide), improving blood flow across the body. With Magnesium, another vital blood flow micronutrient, this shot will keep things sizzling in the bedroom.

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