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Brit + Co – How Safe Are Your Dietary Supplements?

More than two-thirds of American adults say they take some kind of over-the-counter dietary supplement. These health aids appeal to many of us for a variety of reasons: We don’t need a prescription to get them, they’re often less expensive than other meds, and with...

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Good Day LALA Land – Dr. Zagone

Watch our Dr. Zagone on Good Day LALA Land as they explore what is "Regenerative Medicine" and how Gentera can make an impact in your life. Built from passion Dr. Zagone is dedicated to helping people feel better and connect with their life. Discover the how and why...

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Daily Flash – IV Therapy With Gentera

Watch our very own Brian Pla and Diana Hoppe as they explain the benefits of IV Drip Therapy on The Daily Flash. IV Therapy is more than just a "hangover cure." So many of us are dehydrated and lacking daily nutrients that you will be surprised at how good you may...

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