As a person ages and become exposed to the sun, the skin will lose its elasticity, which means gravity will begin to take its toll, causing the brow to descend and potentially resulting in a greater amount of forehead creases.

As the brow droops, it may lead to an unintentional grimace of sorts, which can affect one’s appearance. Furthermore, patients may experience heaviness of their brow while the upper eyelids may appear to cause a hood. If this is the case, a browlift may be an effective way to reverse the effects of a drooping brow while returning it to its natural height, resulting in a refreshed, invigorated, and young appearance. A browlift also reduces the number of horizontal forehead creases while removing vertical brow furrows which without surgery, may cause a person to look weary and older.

There is more to a browlift than its name implies. During the surgery, the brow is repositioned and reshaped in a manner that keeps pleasing aesthetics in mind while keeping the appearance natural so as to avoid an unnatural “angry” expression. Following the surgery, the brow should maintain a youthful, rested shape to avoid constantly looking surprised. Although eyebrow shape has evolved as time and trends change, there are beauty standards a plastic surgeon should be aware of to ensure the face and brows look natural.

Along with the healing effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy which assists with reducing inflammation, recovery from browlift can be significantly reduced.

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