More and more men are turning to plastic surgery to achieve the look they desire. Among the many procedures available, liposuction and body contouring can help with achieving a look when proper diet and exercise aren’t fully delivering the results. Sometimes factors like aging or medical conditions like enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) might make it harder to attain the desired body.

With liposuction, the extraction of fatty areas can be done safely and efficiently, leaving the region toned and softened. For men, liposuction alone may be all you need to achieve your ultimate goal for the body. The elasticity of male skin is typically longer than women’s skin, which means it isn’t as susceptible to wrinkling or sags. Furthermore, the fatty areas underneath the skin are typically more elastic and firmer than those found in women.

In addition to liposuction, certain men may benefit from additional body contouring procedures. If you have lost a considerable amount of weight, your skin may be loose and sagging. Older men have a greater likelihood of loose skin as well. If your skin isn’t smooth and toned, you won’t get the body you want even if you remove all the fat areas completely.

If you are male and thinking about getting liposuction or a tummy tuck to help with your weight loss or body sculpting efforts, please contact us.

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