On the side of the body between ribs and hips are the flanks, also known as love handles. These areas are known for accumulating fatty deposits due to reasons such as weight gain. In such situations, a proper diet and exercise can get rid of them.

But then there is the issue of love handles caused by factors such as genetics. Unlike fatty deposits as a result of weight gain, these “genetically caused” love handles can prove difficult to remove naturally even when following a diet and exercise regimen. Thankfully, love handles are excellent candidates for minimally invasive liposuction surgery.

Liposuction can get rid of love handles permanently, and odds are that the unpleasant fat area won’t re-emerge in the future. This procedure permanently eliminates fat cells, allowing the patient to bid a final farewell to their love handles.

It’s worth noting that patients putting on a significant amount of weight may have larger fat cells in the treated areas. Liposuction procedures to address love handles are not intended as a solution to address obesity. Patients should therefore only consider liposuction plastic surgery to treat isolated areas of excess fat.

If you’re thinking about surgery for your love handles, we can help you determine if it’s the best solution for you.

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