You may be familiar with the term ‘liposuction’, which is a cosmetic surgery intended to slim and reshape certain areas of the body via the reduction and removal of excess fat. And then there is ‘liposculpture’, a more advanced procedure aimed at greater body contouring typically used to enhance muscle definition and remove fat from areas like the stomach. Liposuction is arguably better known than liposculpture, though both of these procedures have been performed numerous times. Though they share similarities, there are fundamental differences between the two which you should be aware of as one may provide greater benefits than the other depending on your needs.

With liposculpture, a local anesthetic is used to assist with keeping possible bleeding and swelling to a minimum. It delivers results precisely by reshaping more fat, which means the body experiences greater sculpting. It is important to note that liposculpture may not be the best solution for those seeking significant weight loss.

Liposuction, on the other hand, generally removes a greater amount of fat versus liposculpture and is often used for patients that may have excess fat. Hence, it is intended solely for the removal of fat cells versus sculpting the body. However, a surgeon will make it a point to ensure that the results are aesthetically pleasing regardless of whether a patient chooses liposuction or liposculpture.

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