High definition (HD) lipo is elevating the already incredible results of liposuction. Often called Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy of Resonance or simply VASER, HD lipo uses a system that can liquefy fat cells prior to them being removed from the body, together with tightening the hair.

Upon completely breaking down fat, a surgeon will take out all of the fat using suction. This approach works on the majority of areas throughout the body, like the buttocks, arms, chest, arms or inner thighs. HD lipo will result in sculpting where the body looks natural via the removal of fat from particular parts of the body and then re-injecting it (if necessary) to create natural-looking, noticeable contour. The VASER ultrasound device emits waves where the fat melts and loosens.

HD lipo is different from conventional liposuction. With standard liposuction, a surgeon merely removes extra fat from certain body areas and there is no re-injection of fat. An HD lipo procedure also involves fat removal, but this is performed carefully to demonstrate through the muscles below, resulting in more structure and more body sculpting.

Patients in good physical health without too much extra fat may be good candidates for HD lipo. This procedure can help to create the “shredded” look that many people are looking for.

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