You make sure to watch what you eat, you exercise daily, and you get regular doctor check-ups and yet something feels “off”. Even with proper diet and exercise, a hormone imbalance can manifest in ways you may not expect beyond a poor sex drive or unusual mood swings. How do you spot the signs?

For women, lacking estrogen when they are going through menopause may lead to sleepless nights or poor sleep cycles. Estrogen is what helps the body regulate temperature, which means a lack of it may cause an increase in hot flashes, night sweats, and possibly sleep apnea. Similarly, men with insufficient testosterone may also experience sleep issues.

Have you had trouble concentrating or maybe felt unable to communicate your thoughts verbally? This may be what’s called “brain fog”, which may be caused by a lack of proper hormone levels. Without enough of the hormones, the brain cells do not receive the optimal “signal” to function properly which may make it harder to remember things.

Perhaps you’ve experienced ongoing headaches or feelings of lethargy despite getting sufficient sleep. Instead of the flu, it could be hormones. In many cases, antibiotics won’t get rid of these headaches, and you may need to consider options such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

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