Hormone therapy can help with a lot of things, but can it also potentially reduce the chances of a miscarriage? According to new studies, hormone treatments during early pregnancy may result in thousands of more babies being born each year.

A study involved giving women with a miscarriage history experiencing early pregnancy bleeding a dose of progesterone. This hormone is secreted naturally by the ovaries and placenta during the early stages of pregnancy and plays a pivotal role in ensuring the pregnancy remains healthy.

In one of the clinical trials, over 800 women dealing with recurrent miscarriages experienced a live birth rate of more than two percent higher using progesterone. However, there was also significant statistical uncertainness. Another trial evaluated more than 4,000 women and found more than four percent in the number of babies born to the women given progesterone.

As with most studies, there is still much research to be done regarding whether hormone therapy will eventually become a way to prevent a miscarriage, though the results show promise. In the meantime, you can enjoy its other proven benefits like relieving hot flashes and night sweats, easing vaginal dryness, and improving sleep. Contact us today for more information.

To read more about the studies, please visit https://english.manoramaonline.com/women/herhealth/2020/02/02/hormone-therapy-prevent-miscarriages.html.

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