Even if you’re someone who maintains a strict strength or cardio training routine, you may find that back fat is one of the peskier parts of the body when it comes to getting rid of it. To be specific, we’re referring to the fat tissue that accumulates below the bra line in women, potentially preventing the goal of achieving a toned physique.

Back cosmetic surgery with liposuction can provide significant and noticeable improvements. However, the procedure may create better results in women that have not lost a radical amount of weight, which reduces the odds of dealing with loose skin.

There are several different types of fat tissue, the most common being infra-scapular fat. Also known as female flanks, it’s found just above the waistline and below the shoulder blades. It’s often noticeable by the “bulge” caused by bra straps. Posterior axillary fat is typically near the armpits while lumbo-sacral fat pads are located just above the tailbone. Buffalo humps refer to the fat deposits in the upper back, usually near the neck.

Thankfully, back fat can be removed in ways similar to other parts of the body, where strategic, minor incisions are made and then suctioned off or, in the case of HD liposuction, melted. This latter approach may also result in some skin tightening.

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