Proper diet and exercise is a proven path towards obtaining a toned physique, but individuals that are interested in body sculpting may also be curious as to whether liposuction can help them achieve a six-pack. Liposculpture remains among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women, and optimum results can be achieved when it is combined with a healthy lifestyle. Here’s a closer look at how six-pack abs and liposuction are related.

Liposuction and fitness are closely intertwined. While lipo can produce awe-inspiring results, the procedure doesn’t mean a person won’t gain back the weight. Hence, those seeking long-lasting results need to also maintain a healthy diet and a regular fitness routine. Because lipo is intended to remove fat cells from the skin’s subcutaneous layer, it is often used by men and women as a way to add the finishing touches to their physique and fitness regimen. It gets rid of those stubborn bulges to unveil the impressive body shape and those six packs they’ve been working so diligently towards achieving.

With lipo, you can look forward to a tighter, more muscular stomach and well-defined six pack abs. Procedures can typically be performed in about an hour or less and most patients can return to their daily activities in about a week. Combined with the right nutrition and exercises, lipo can help with attaining an impressive six-pack.

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