We previously mentioned fat transfer breast augmentation which uses liposuction techniques to remove fat from parts of the body which is then injected into the breast. The procedure may be a great choice for women seeking to subtly increase the size of their breast while creating results that look natural. Since the process uses the patient’s fat, implants do not have to be potentially replaced several years later.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is an option for women with good skin tone and shape to their breasts. Women who are seeking a large increase to their breast may wish to consider other options, but it is ultimately something that the patient should discuss with their doctor to determine the best approach.

The fat transfer breast augmentation process begins by determining which part of the body the fat cells will be harvested from, typically the thighs or the abdomen. The fat is then purified and placed in a small syringe, resulting in a tiny incision which delivers subtle yet still noticeable augmentation results.

Swelling is common following a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure but it should subside within two weeks. The body may absorb some of the fat so it’s best to wait until the breasts are fully healed to see the final results. Most patients will retain anywhere from fifty to eighty percent of the transferred fat.

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